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The Pandemic and Our Food System: Why We Might Want to Move Our Food Supply Closer to Home - Shared screen with speaker view
Caroline Craig
Yes, Michele! Thank you!
Michele Camardella
Luis Figueroa
How realistic is it for urban dwellers to reach levels of self-sustainability , if even temporarily, through a plant-based diet? I've heard of people buying seeds and growing plants using hydroponics in their apartments but also been told by unofficial sources, this is only feasible for having a variety of spices on hand. If that is correct, can some level of vegan self-sustainability be accomplished if one has access to a yard such as with family members or friends?
Luis Figueroa
Please address either scenario (apartment or access to a yard)
Nicholas Sioufas
Melanie - What research exists about separate vs combined animal and vegetable/fruit farm operation? Are there holistic/environmental benefits or efficiency drawbacks to consider? How can the law encourage integration?
Christen Cooper
In my research on COVID-19 I’ve connected with a number of unsung heroes, including school food workers who are still on duty, wearing masks and finding incredibly innovative ways to get food to students who would normally receive free or reduced-price school lunch during the school day. Some school districts have been able to bus weeks’ worth of meals to students. Some have partnered with restaurants to distribute meals. Limited funds are going to school districts to go above and beyond. Are these workers protected being that these alternative measures are in place? Local farms partner with various districts but can they produce enough under these circumstances to supply to school districts?
Nicholas Sioufas
Also, How does the law discourage integration of combined animal and vegetable/fruit farm operation?!
Nicholas Sioufas
sounds like a stronger clean water act might help with the e-coli outbreaks
Nicholas Sioufas
Thank you!
Katherine Sierra
What can we (as students) do for our local neighborhoods now?
Katherine Sierra
Especially in poor inner-cities?
Christen Cooper
Thank you for your responses.
Jonathan Brown
Nicholas Sioufas
Advocate for / join community gardens
Michele Camardella
Thank you all for your thoughtful questions.
Luis Figueroa
Hi Melanie, what was the acronym you used to describe the food buying group you mentioned so we can research our local ones/
Emily McGowan
Thank you!
Robin Vieira
Thank you for shedding light on the back story of dairy and meat industries